Golf Cradle: Golf Club/Bag Protection System   $39.95  FREE SHIPPING

Protect. Play. Perform. Only $39.95 FREE SHIPPING


Protect. Play. Perform.

The Golf Cradle elevates the open-end of your bag, suspends it off-the-floor and locks it in place. The Cradle prevents the chance of club damage as a result
of sudden stops, potholes or any other surprises.

I absolutely love it! I use it all the time and appreciate the way it prevents my clubs from moving around in my SUV. Thank you for a wonderful, useful product.
— Don, October 2017
I have used your product and I love the Cradle. I used it when I had a larger SUV and I didn’t want my golf bag rolling around, so I bought the Golf Cradle. You have a great product, thank you.
— Suzanne, November 2017
It’s been a few years since I purchase your golf Cradle and been using ever since. I previously drove a truck and you know how much the clubs move around in the back of the bed. I love it!
— Wayne, November 2017
The Golf Cradle. Protect your clubs and your investment .

The Golf Cradle. Protect your clubs and your investment.

Insert The Golf Cradle ™ golf club protector in the trunk of your car or SUV. Its weighted base and ridged bottom are designed to ensure it stays stationary even while driving over rough terrain

Place the open end of your golf bag into The Golf Cradle. The arms automatically close, grasping your bag and securing it in place.

Strap your bag and lock it in place. Straps secure the bag in place. The built-in buckle locks to keep your clubs stationary. The strap length is adjustable and fits ALL bags.

Protect. Play. Perform.